Saturday, July 11, 2009

Single, Please Mingle: Willie Isz "The Grussle"

So much new oldpeoplerap in my headphones these days. If you weren't aware of this 'Georgiavania' record before, you probably took notice when Noz rightfully put bloggers on blast for ignoring the latest records from Blaq Poet and Willie Isz. I'm not a Goodie Mob stan, and so while 'Georgiavania' was faintly on my "must check out" radar, I wasn't actively waiting for it to drop. But anyways, since it was a relatively slow couple of months for rap releases, I decided to give this record a shot. I'm glad I did.

Since I dived into this record with no expectations whatsoever (right after spending a few spins with the BlaqPoet record), I totally got bitchslapped by its weirdness. While the Blaq Poet record shoves us down to the concrete, Willie Isz invites flight. Like, honestly, the real reason I didn't write anything about this record last week was because I was just trying to focus and wrap my head around it, as opposed to just scratching my head with my jaws wide open. But now that its sunk in, I must say I like it. It's not flawless, but it is impressive, especially considering how the raps stay strong and steady amidst all the experimentation.

Thought I'd ease any still-hesitant listeners out there into this record by posting "The Grussle", probably one of the more accessible joints on this album. You gotta hand mad props to anyone who maintains their gangsta around these maudlin violins. Try mean mugging to square dancing music before you judge. Khujo is solid throughout the album. This Jneiro Jarel cat is cool too (I still do, however, feel that we all need to exercise a healthy amount of discrimination against anyone whose first name starts with two consecutive consonants. YOU CAN ONLY RUN & HIDE FOR SO LONG, DJIMON HONSOU!)

So yeah, give this record a shot. That is all.

P.S Anyone know who this "Willie Isz" character is? I sorta tried to decipher the conceptual backstory from the album but all I got was: "What it does is what it is, so Willie Isz is what it was" Thanks a bunch for the clarification, Khujo *bangs head on wall*


Daniel said...

I believe Willie Isz is a reference to the Maxx comic book series. The Isz are creatures Maxx fights with:

Jay Deff Kay said...

Thanks dude. but who's Willie?

Also random album/mixtape title idea: Free Willie Isz